The Lodge is a residential elderly care home in Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex, with capacity to accommodate up to 36 residents, including those living with Dementia.

We put a focus on ensuring our residents have access to enriching experiences within our care, which is why we use the person-centred approach. We aim to create care packages tailored to our residents individual needs, which gives them an active say in their care plans, diets, and activities schedule. We believe dignity and freedom should be the central pillars of care.

The accommodation is split across two floors, with those residing in the upper level able to access the ground floors via a 4 person lift, or via the main staircase – ensuring mobility is not an issue for any of our residents.

The home has a communal lounge, beautifully presented dining room, and bathroom facilities on each floor allowing for multiple spaces for residents to take part in activities. The home also hosts regular entertainment which our residents can have an active say in.

The home has ample parking to ensure residents loved ones can visit with ease, and benefits from an enclosed garden to the rear of the property ensuring privacy and comfort for our residents. Situated close to the beach at Walton-on-the-Naze, the home has access to all local amenities and is close to local public transport routes allowing our residents to explore the local region.


This bedroom is situated within Southwell Court in Cambridgeshire, and aims to show the high quality accommodation we offer across the group. Size of room may vary across different homes, but all of our rooms include all the attributes mentioned within the virtual tour. Outside and communal galleries feature our residential facilities throughout East Anglia. This is an example of a standard bedroom within the Black Swan Care Group.

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Registered for 36 residents


For residents aged from 65

For the elderly and those suffering with dementia

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Aleksandra Wilkins


82 Kirby Road
Walton On The Naze
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The Lodge
82 Kirby Road, Walton On The Naze, Essex, CO14 8RJ



Dining is a hugely important factor in many lives, it is more than simply sustenance. Culturally, both food and dining are at the core of our most joyous experiences in life; weddings, festivals, birthdays and holidays to name just a few.

We encourage our residents to invite their loved ones into the home for lunch, dinner and even breakfast so that meal times offer the same opportunities for socialising as they would’ve done throughout each individual’s life.

What is unique about the dining experience we offer here is ‘choice’, which extends beyond simply WHAT you wish to eat, it includes WHERE, WHEN and WHO WITH. Not only do our residents have a superb choice of meals each day but they have the freedom to eat them wherever they like, whenever they like, and with whomever they choose.

We often incorporate food into our activities, providing buffets at parties and BBQs during summer garden parties. We have even hosted ‘Come dine with me’ style evenings in which favourite meals are pitted against one another, diners then voting for their favourite.

Our catering staff are highly skilled and in addition to their knowledge within hospitality they are subject to our programme of care related training, this gives them a broad understanding of the often complex needs of our residents. Our dining team cater for a diverse range of dietary requirements and have experience in tailoring menus to suit every individual’s specific needs.



Regular activities include flower arranging, art and craft sessions, quiz nights and tea parties. As well as fun events in the home, entertainers often come and visit us too. We have recently been visited by the Salvation Army, musicians and local drama students.

As you would expect, special holidays are incorporated into our activity calendar and birthdays are always celebrated with a party and a big slice of cake!

We invite our residents to join in with choosing and planning activities and encourage those moving in with us to continue with their current hobbies and interests.