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Frequently Asked Questions

At Black Swan Care Group we understand you will have questions when you or a loved one are considering a care home. Our caring and experienced team is here to offer advice to help you find the right home and right care type. Below we have cultivated answers to our most frequently asked questions which may help with any queries.

Can I bring my own furniture and belongings?

Absolutely, we recommend it. The Home aims to provide a high standard of fixtures and fittings in every room, including a 32” LED TV. However, if you wish to bring any belongings such as a bed, wardrobe pictures etc. to make your room feel more homely you are more than welcome.


Can I bring my pet?

All our Homes are pet friendly and we welcome Residents bringing in their pets, after all we know what companionship a pet can give. That being said, we would need to risk assess each pet on an individual basis and if they presented any risk to staff or other residents or we felt that that it would be in the animals detriment to come into the Home we reserve the right to refuse admission.


Will I need any spending money?

Our fees are inclusive of laundry, food, drink and internal entertainment. Items that are payable include chiropody, hairdressing and external trips. We always try to keep costs to a minimum and anything that is chargeable will be made known.


Can I have shelves and pictures put up in my room?

Yes. Every Home has a maintenance person who will happily assist with this. We would request that for insurance purposes only our staff drill into the walls.


When can I be visited?

There are no set visiting hours as we want you to see our Homes as your home. Our Homes are staffed 24 hours a day and therefore visiting hours are not restricted. Families and friends are even welcome to come for dinner at no extra charge!


How can I access assistance at night?

There are call bells in every bedroom and at strategic points within the Home. At night our staff ensure that these are always within reach. With one press of a button a member of staff should be at hand to assist with your needs. We can also arrange to check up on you at regular intervals throughout the night should you wish.


I don’t like being confined to being indoors, can I access the outside?

All our Homes have access to outside facilities, depending on your mobility you can access these yourself or with the assistance of a Carer. A number of activities such as gardening are based outside and you are welcome to join in or just ‘supervise’ our maintenance team.