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The Gables to hold 1940’s street party for 75th VE Day anniversary


The Gables Care Home is gearing up to recreate a significant moment in world history for our residents.

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75 years after the end of World War Two – on 8th May 2020 – our residents will be transported back in time to the joyous celebrations of VE Day in 1945.

Our residents suggested that they would like to remember those days in a positive way, so we’ve decided to recreate this one particular day where the entire country celebrated together.

It was a time of huge celebration throughout all communities spanning multiple nations, where public houses stayed open late, people danced in the street and the royal family and Churchill himself celebrated with the masses. It is seen as one of the largest celebrations throughout the world.

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The garden is being transformed into a traditional 1940’s street, residents will dine on traditional food from the era while sitting at large outdoor banquet tables.

The surroundings will be covered in patriotic buntings and wreaths made of recycled materials which they would have had access to in the war, such as old and damaged clothing. Our residents have already began working on the decorations in their art sessions, here you can see them making wreaths out of scraps of material.

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A 1940’s singer has been booked for the event, staff and residents will be in full costume and we hope it will be a sensory interactive experience for them.

We are encouraging residents family and friends to come along in costume and enjoy a day which will bring back lots of memories for our residents. There will be food and drink, music and entertainment from the era, as well as decorations and a full schedule of fun filled activities for them to take part in.

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