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Kings Lynn resident reunited with old friends as fair comes to town


Thanks to our amazing staff group, resident Patricia Feltham was able to reconnect with old friends at the fair! 

Pat is an amazing lady who never fails to put a smile on the faces of staff and residents alike.

She recently told staff that when she was in her twenties, she joined a fair and travelled the country having amazing adventures. 

The fair she used to belong too visited The Walks in Kings Lynn for the Fun in the Park celebrations in late August 2021. When staff heard that the fair was coming, they sprang into action. 

Our wonderful housekeeper Mary took the time to take Pat on this very special trip in her time off, to allow her to reconnect with old friends after years of not seeing them. 

This was a particular poignant moment for Pat as this is her first trip outside of the home in quite some time, and the chance to see the fair and the people from her past really filled her with excitement. She got to reminisce on fond memories with old friends and have some fun at the fair with all the classic amusements!

And the icing on the cake for Pat was the fact that as well as visiting the fair, she was greeted on arrival by a number of costumed entertainers - dressed as Disney characters!

Disney is one of Pat's favourite things and she was over the moon to have photographs taken with her favourites like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy! 

We wanted to share our sincere thanks to our amazing housekeeper Mary who went above and beyond to make this a truly unique experience for Pat, and the rest of the team for their amazing hard work in making this experience truly magical for Pat.