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Black Swan’s Stay at Home Party – Roaring Success!


VE Day was a significant event in the lives of many of our residents, and due to the lock down – we invited their family and friends to celebrate with us remotely and hosted a ‘Stay at Home’ party.

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We believe at this time more than ever before, it is incredibly important to celebrate the occasion with our residents, and their families. We want to ensure our residents are connected to their families and friends despite not being able to see each other face to face. 

A number of our homes did large scale celebrations in their gardens with residents and staff celebrating together. We wanted to show you the celebrations and say a massive thank you to all of our residents family and friends who sent us in photographs to help our residents feel connected with them on what was a significant occasion for our residents. 

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At The Beeches in East Harling our residents made bunting, and 1940’s  themed plackards to decorate the home.

They swung flags and were treated to a live (via video) performance from one of their favourite vintage singers. 

They ate war time food and were lucky enough to have an astounding Union Jack cake provided by their wonderful chef.  

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At Chiswick House our residents celebrated with traditional British food such as caked and afternoon tea, the dining room was decorated with flags and the ‘Be Strong Together’ bunting which the residents made themselves. 

Our senior carer Ella made it an extra special morning by designing telegraph invitations and delivering them to our residents in the morning, so they knew something special was happening as soon as they awoke. They had a lovely time. 

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At The Gables in Chatteris our staff surprised the residents with a beautifully decorated street party in their secure, enclosed garden. They decorated it with bunting, balloons, and flags.

They played vintage hits from our residents youth and had a dance.  Not only that, but our staff dressed in 1940’s fashion and chef Heath provided the residents with a fantastic spread for their VE Day 75th anniversary celebrations.

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At Heathcote Care Home in Norwich our residents were also treated to a traditional street party, similar to those they would have experienced at the time. We wanted to reinforce the community spirit and mass celebration they remembered from the time, and made every effort to give them that same celebratory atmosphere. 



Staff and residents danced together to ‘We’ll meet again’ by Vera Lynn and had a marvelous time.

Our staff even got in the stocks and allowed our residents to throw wet sponges at them, our wonderful maintenance team put on a BBQ and everyone had a lovely time. 

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At Laurel Lodge in Norwich our residents and staff celebrated in their garden, soaking up the sunshine and taking part in lots of different activities.


They took photographs, ate lovely food, played games and waved their flags patriotically to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Staff and residents danced together, and Roy even had a go at playing the inflatable guitar – which he was a professional at of course. 

They enjoyed a BBQ and spent the day reminiscing about their lives with fellow residents, as well as having a dance with staff. It was a lovely day! 

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At Park House in Great Yarmouth our residents ate together at a banquet table, surrounded by traditional food from the time, as well as a few special treats which they like from the here and now. In the early afternoon our residents and staff gathered in their secure front garden and were treated to a huge honour. 



A trio of soldiers in full uniform paraded throughout the town and passed by the home, stopping to salute our residents and staff before continuing on their journey.

It meant a lot to a number of our residents who were ex-servicemen and women, and our staff who were being honoured for being keyworkers in the Covid19 pandemic. It was a touching display for everyone involved.  

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At Valentine House – in Silver End, Essex – our residents were treated to a beautiful garden party with all the trimmings. Joined by staff, our residents enjoyed the pleasant weather in the beautiful gardens of the home. 



They were treated to tea on the lawn and decorated the garden with bunting and union jack flags which our residents were happy to wave throughout the day. 

They listened to music, enjoyed some wonderful food together and celebrated under the glorious spring sunshine. 


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At York House in Dereham our residents were planning for their VE Day extravaganza ahead of time, choosing to make all their decorations from scratch. Here you can see them proudly displaying their patriotic bunting they created.

A number of our residents also made pompoms to adorn the home and were treated to some beautiful home baking courtesy of our brilliant kitchen staff. They had a wonderful time celebrating together with music and television, as well as a number of tasty treats.  

Potton View 

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At Potton View in Cambridgeshire our residents were treated to a beautiful afternoon tea and a banquet style dining experience so they could share stories over a bite to eat. They had a lovely time joking and reminiscing with one another, and had a beautiful dinner too. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our VE Day celebrations across the group, and thank you again to anyone who got involved in our VE Day ‘Stay at home’ party. 

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