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All Black Swan Care Group homes to receive anti-viral spraying deep clean


We believe in ensuring the safest and cleanest environment for our staff and residents, so we have made the decision to spray our homes from top to bottom with anti-microbial technology. 

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Our residents and staff are at the core of everything we do, and we think it is of paramount importance to ensure a clean, sanitary environment within our homes, and to reduce the risk of any viruses being transmitted within our facilities. 

We have partnered with Spire Cleaning Services, a highly reputable local company who provide commercial cleaning services throughout East Anglia. At a time like this we think it is important to not only provide the highest levels of cleanliness within our residential homes, but also important to support local businesses and we’re proud to be working alongside Spire Cleaning Services. 

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Our homes will be treated with chemicals designed to specifically combat the risk of virus transmission, by targeting the environment. The antimicrobial technology within their cleaning products has the ability to continue to clean after the initial spraying takes place. 

It can be used on both hard and soft surfaces; from beds and sofas to worktops, door handles, light switches and kitchen counters. It also has the added benefit of cleaning the air within the environment, with the chemicals effective at denaturing the cells of common viruses, including Coronaviruses and SARS derivatives. 

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The benefits of this form of cleaning: 
– Non toxic 
– Fragrance free
– Alcohol free
– Food safe

Our residents entrust their care to us, which is something we take as a compliment and something which inspires us to provide the highest levels of care we possibly can.

Tom Lyons – Managing Director of Black Swan Care Group – was quoted as saying: “We think it is important to demonstrate our commitment to enforcing preventative measures as we take infection control very seriously as a company”. 

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We have been doing everything possible to ensure our resident group is kept safe:

Infection Control Training Modules
We are proud to say that as well as our regular infection control module which is part of our core units which is mandatory for all staff, all of our staff have received training from their managers in the new government-backed Infection Control for Covid19 module, which we were taught by the Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group.

Psychological First Aid
We are also encouraging all of our staff to take the Public Health England course into Psychological First Aid in the pandemic. This training course provides useful resources into how to assess someone’s wellbeing in physical and mental health, and teaches them useful skills on how to correctly respond when someone is struggling. This is an invaluable course which our staff are in the process of completing at this time, we already have a number of staff who have completed this module via the learning platform Futurelearn. 

Training Tablets
We have also recently acquired five brand new tablet computers which homes can use to assist their staff to complete these training modules, as some of our staff do not have access to computer equipment at home. It is of paramount importance to us that our staff are as equipped as possible in every area of care, cleanliness, safeguarding, health and safety, infection control and mental health wellbeing. 

WaveWash Hand-Washing Timers
All of our homes are now equipped with Wavewash machines, which remotely time how long it has taken you to wash your hands. This is to ensure guidelines are followed as the technology tells you when you have washed your hands for the correct period of time to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and reduce the risk of infection for our staff and residents. 

The first spraying treatment will take place at our homes in Norwich on Saturday 21st June, and all of our homes will have received the treatment by July 3rd. 


A massive thank you to Spire Cleaning for their services, and thank you to the amazing Paul Macro who has kindly allowed us to use his photographs to demonstrate the spray cleaning taking place in our homes, as a visual aid. 

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