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Black Swan Care Group nominate Chef's for Nutrition and Hydration Week

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Black Swan Care Group nominate Nutrition and Hydration week champion chefs for national competition!

We are lucky enough to have an amazing group of chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants throughout the group who are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our residents have as much independence, and choice within their food and drink as possible.

All of our homes offer tailored menus tailored to our residents based on bespoke care plans and dietary requirements, as well as their personal likes and tastes.

We hold regular food related activities such as the Best Plate Competition with a monthly theme, and the World Food Tour which gives our residents an interactive experience of the cuisine and culture of a country with a unique menu of traditional dishes to expand their culinary horizons.

Heath Brown – The Gables Care Home, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

At The Gables Care Home our wonderful chef Heath made some amazing meals across the week, tying together Nutrition and Hydration week alongside our group activities within Black Swan Care Group.

He created an amazing feast of pie, veg and gravy for our March Best Plate competition on the theme of pies!

Aside from his regular role in the kitchen, Heath is also one of our residents favourite entertainers in the home always going the extra mile to ensure there’s always a smile on our residents faces.  ­

Heath annually addresses the Haggis at our St Patrick’s Day events in full kilt alongside reciting Burns Poems, and is always willing to get up with the rest of the team to put on an impromptu performance of Laurel & Hardy live in the lounge!




Tracey Monsey – Laurel Lodge Care Home, Norwich, Norfolk.

We chose to nominate Tracey thanks to her compassion and understanding of our resident group. Tracey goes beyond what is expected of her within her role, creating beautiful dishes tailored and personalised to our residents tastes.

Tracey gets to know her residents inside and out, and is always able to make something which is sure to put a smile on their faces.

As part of NHWeek 2022 Tracey created this amazing afternoon tea for our residents enjoyment featuring amazing cakes, including classics like Victoria Sponge and Coffee and Walnut cake.




Sally Easter – York House Care Home, Dereham, Norfolk

We wanted to nominate Sally for this award due to her ability to always ensure our residents are having a meal-time that is not only appetising to the eye and the taste buds, but that is individualised and tailored to our residents individual dietary needs and likes.

For Nutrition and Hydration Week our residents enjoyed a brand new menu offering to try, which was a roaring success. Our residents were served:

-Fresh fruit ice cream sundae’s

- Fresh fruit platter

- Cream cheese and salmon bagels with fresh salad & prawns 

Sally is a true superhero within the home, making sure our residents are healthy and happy with their food and drink choices.

Thank you for always going above and beyond!







Caroline McGinlay – Chiswick House Care Home – Norwich, Norfolk

We chose to nominate Caroline for this award due to her unwavering ability to personalise her menu ideas in a way which is truly accessible for all. Caroline welcomes regular feedback on menu choices, how items are prepared and it consistently updating the menu to include dishes dear to our residents hearts.

Caroline believes that “We eat with our eyes first” and feels that it is incredibly important to plate meals to the highest standard, taking into account the personal portion size preferences of residents, dietary requirements and how they personally like to eat.

This way of running her kitchen at Chiswick House Care Home allows Caroline to provide meaningful mealtimes with varied and enriching dishes which get our residents mouth watering.

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing chefs across the group! 

Unfortunately we're not able to nominate every single one of you but we wish you all the best of luck - you are all winners to us!