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Resident Stories: York House resident June becomes barmaid for a day!


At York House we’ve started a new initiative called the wishing box – where residents can tell us their dreams so that we can try and make them come true.

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We want to ensure that our residents have memorable and uplifting experiences whilst in our care, and just because you’re in a care home doesn’t mean you have to give up your aspirations and dreams.

We have such wonderful residents at all of our homes and their happiness and care are of utmost importance to us, and we think putting in a little extra effort to give them experiences they’ll never forget is part and parcel of their care.



Last week we were able to grant our very first wish of 2020 – and we’re very happy to say it was a huge success!

That first wish belonged to June, she wanted the chance to be a barmaid for a day and learn how to make cocktails as she’s never had that opportunity before.




At first, we were scratching our heads on how to make this happen, but thanks to the generosity of The Cosy Club in Norwich (Bar/restaurant) we were able to make June’s dream come true.




They allowed June to do a shift behind the bar, teaching her how to make a selection of drinks on their cocktail menu from Daiquiri’s to Espresso Martini’s; providing the space, time, equipment, and ingredients completely free of charge.




June got to taste the fruits of her labor which she enjoyed immensely, and she was overwhelmed with joy and surprise when The Cosy Club gifted her one of their exclusive copper-engraved cocktail-making kits.




This means that June’s dream doesn’t have to be over as she’s now able to go back to the home, request the ingredients she needs and teach the other residents how to make her favourite drinks, and be a barmaid whenever she likes.


We cannot thank The Cosy Club in Norwich enough for all the time and effort they put into helping us make June’s dream come true – they’ve given June memories that will last a lifetime.

Lastly, we wanted to thank our wonderful staff at York House for accompanying June and taking care of her, working hard to make sure all of our residents have a brilliant quality of life and never miss out on amazing experiences.

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