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Laurel Lodge residents in film for new charity initiative to combat loneliness

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Norwich Together is a group of organisations from Norwich and beyond who aim to combat loneliness in our county by providing a safe place for people to make friends.

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We’re very proud to be a part of the Norwich Together initiative and when the opportunity came up for our residents to get involved too – we couldn’t miss the opportunity!

Kelly (Founder of Friend in Deed inter-generational friendship charity) got in touch and told us that an opportunity had come up for some of our residents to be involved in a film for a new charity initiative affecting Norwich and surrounding towns.

The idea was to bring a ‘Chatty bus’ to Norwich periodically throughout the year with ambassadors who would be happy to talk to anyone who hopped on the bus. The chatty bus has worked splendidly in other cities throughout the country and we were very excited to be asked to be a part of combating loneliness in our area.

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Tom and Doreen from Laurel Lodge accompanied activities coordinator Chelsea and head of marketing Samantha, on a unique bus ride unlike any other. They took part in the filming of the campaigns advert, before the first bus rolls through the city centre on March 6th.

Beginning in Sprowston where representatives from 22 institutions met, we travelled to Wroxham before doing a large loop and returning to Sprowston. The filming lasted a couple of hours, and really demonstrated the power of the chatty bus with the entire vehicle a buzz of chatting and laughter.

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We even had an unexpected guest! A larger-than-life character mistakenly took us for his usual bus route, but once we’d explained what we were doing he hopped on and joined us for the journey. He said he loved the experience as it was great to reminisce and meet so many new people – a good sign for the future of the Chatty Bus!

Doreen and Tom had a fantastic time being involved in the filming and we are very excited to show you the final film which features our residents and staff. They had a great time being film stars and integrating with their local community for a good cause.

Thank you for inviting us!

Here’s the video we’ve all been waiting for!



Here’s the list of the organisations who play a part in the Norwich Together organisation:

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