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Drummonds Care Home named finalists in National Learning Disability & Autism Awards

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Drummonds Care Home named finalists in National Learning Disability & Autism Awards 2021! 

The National Learning and Disability Awards are a huge honour to be part of, and being named finalists in the Making a Difference category means so much to all of us at Black Swan Care Group. 

We have been continuously impressed with the teams ability to go the extra mile for our residents, which is why it is incredibly humbling for the home to be recognised for the outstanding work they do every day. 

We spoke to Registered Home Manager Lisa Garner about what the award means to her and the team: 

"Being nominated means so much, this nomination shows the dedication and passion we all have here at Drummonds, to promote making a difference to the residents that we support at all times.

“The team are very proud and are over the moon that we have been recognised for the work that we do”. 

Lisa is backed up by an amazing team at Drummonds Care Home who are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our residents have enriching and unique experiences. We feel that the staff team continuously look for ways to improve the service to provide the best quality of life possible for each and every one of our residents, taking into account their individuality and providing bespoke care. 

An example worth noting would be how the staff team responded when residents showed an interest in making their own costumes for their Christmas performance in 2020, with staff teaching residents how to thread and operate a sewing machine. This led to a regular club throughout the lockdown where our residents took part in ‘Machining Mondays’ and learnt to make their own garments with the homes Activity Coordinators.

They are continually adapting to residents individual needs, providing bespoke care packages, and giving residents truly unique and enriching experiences within our care. They are passionate about promoting choice and encouraging residents to be actively involved within their own care.  

An example of this would be how our Support Workers go above and beyond to support our residents sense of independence, by encouraging them with their own individual interests.  This was best demonstrated when our residents chose to take part in charity work to support their local community, and staff adapted their roles to ensure our residents were able to do this in a way that worked for them.

The culture of Drummonds is all about promoting choice and independence, and encouraging our residents to play an active role in their care plans and be empowered to make their own decisions. This is demonstrated by our residents eagerness to be involved with our nomination when we announced we had made it to the finals.

“The residents are incredibly excited about the award – Two of our residents participated in the interview with the judge, and are extremely excited. 

“They were so happy to be able to share their experience as a resident living at Drummonds, and we are so happy to share their experience”. 

We asked Lisa what is it that makes Drummonds stand out from the crowd, she said: 

"The dedication and passion from all the staff make the home special, our lovely residents and all their different personalities we have the pleasure to work with.

“The support we give to residents of different needs to make a difference to each and every one of them individually”. 

We are so proud of the team at Drummonds Care Home and are very excited for the awards ceremony, we wish you the best of luck!