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Westfield House turns into Wonderland for Weird and Wacky Day


Residents and staff of Westfield House in Dereham, Norfolk became wonderland creatures for the day to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality. 

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Westfield House residents wanted to do something which showed how uniquely wonderful each and every resident and staff member within the home is, and how much they mean to one another.  

During Mental Health Awareness Week our staff turned the home into a Wonderland for a special celebration which our residents dubbed 'Westfield's Weird and Wacky Day'. 

Our resident prepped for the special event by creating their own wardrobe of tie-dye clothes to wear on the day, as well as sporting some amazing hairstyles, taking part in activities, playing games and enjoying the sunshine.  

Sometimes you need to celebrate the things that make you stand out from the crowd, and this was a wonderful way for our residents and staff to show off their individuality, uniqueness and shine brightly! 

It was a wonderful day which our residents and staff fully enjoyed. We wanted to thank our dedicated staff group for always putting on events which are enriching, and person-centred.  

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