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Valentine’s Day 2021 – Festival of Love!

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We are so proud of the amazing amount of effort our staff put in to make Valentine’s Day 2021 an amazing occasion for each and every one of our residents. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You are all superheroes. 

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At Chiswick House our amazing staff team turned the dining room into a truly amazing romantic restaurant for their very special lunchtime. Our kitchen team even created an amazing cake which our residents thoroughly enjoyed. 

Our residents even received their own pieces of custom artwork from our Little Visitors from Friend in Deed ready for the special day.

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At Park House in Great Yarmouth our residents created their own special personal messages for their loved ones which we shared through the homes Facebook page. We saw lots of lovely comments from our residents loved ones, and it was a lovely activity. 

Residents also had a Valentine’s Day themed lunch, and even created their own Valentine’s Day photobooth with props for our residents to take some lovely photographs. 

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At The Beeches our residents were treated to a wonderful romantic dinner in their beautiful dining room on Valentine’s Day.

Our residents were very excited to celebrate and even made their own decorations and decorated the home, designed their own flower arrangements, and made some delicious heart tarts which were very tasty! 


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At York House our amazing team member Phoebe wanted to make every resident feel special on Valentine’s morning, so as well as arranging a host of fun activities she made a special delivery to the home. 

Phoebe was not working on Valentine’s Day, but truly proved the strong bonds between residents and staff by coming in on her day off to deliver a single red rose to each of our residents, as well as a poem which she wrote. 


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Our residents at Kings Lynn were treated to a special romantic Indian meal for dinner complete with their favourite curries.

The tables and dining room were decorated to the 9’s with hearts and red place settings. It was a truly lovely day of celebrating connection, friendship and love. 


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At Heathcote Care Home in Norwich each of our residents received a personalised Valentine’s card from the staff team, a box of chocolates, as well as a single red rose for each of them. Our resident kitty Daisy even got one! 

Residents enjoyed a beautiful dinner in the dining room which staff decorated top to bottom in reds, and pinks and covered in hearts.  


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At Laurel Lodge our residents began Valentine’s day prep early and wrote personalised letters to wish each of our Little Visitors from Friend in Deed a happy Valentine’s Day. Kelly, charity founder, even delivered special messages and cards from our Little Visitors which put big smiles on our residents faces.  

Our residents received special treats in the form of traditional sweet bags, as well as a single red rose each. They also had a lovely meal prepared by our brilliant kitchen team. 

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Our residents at The Gables got into the Valentine’s Day spirit by creating some amazing clay Valentine’s Day decorations for display in the home. They did a fantastic job and the dining room looked fantastic!

Our residents also got together with activities coordinator Lorna Jones and handcrafted a beautiful card to the staff in the home, thanking them for all their hard work. It means so much to our staff and we love the friendships we have built with our residents. 


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At Drummonds our residents decided to create a Valentine’s Day themed display on the homes entrance to spread happiness and friendship to the outside world.

They handmade heart cutouts with special messages and displayed them on the homes glass doors, as well as creating custom Valentine’s Day cards for their loved ones, fellow residents and staff.  

We are so incredibly proud of the effort our staff went too, to make this an amazing occasion for our residents regardless of the lockdown.

We know this may not be the way our residents pictured Valentine’s Day 2021 – but we are incredibly humbled by their resilience and ability to smile through it all. 

We will be updating this article with even more news of our home’s Valentine’s Day events! 

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