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Superheroes take time out of fighting crime to bring joy to children and residents!

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While we believe that all of our staff are superheroes, at Black Swan Care Group we are lucky enough to have a power ranger in our midst and she’s promoting community spirit by bringing a gang of superheroes together. 

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One of our staff members was a part of Denver’s Power Rangers – a group of seven complete strangers who came together to make the dreams of a little boy with cancer come true. 

Denver’s Power Rangers aimed to boost his spirits and help him carry out his bucket list named Denver’s Last Wishes, by giving him the best time possible. They also did lots of sponsored events to raise awareness for the rare childhood cancer Denver had. 

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After Denver’s funeral the power rangers went back to fighting crime, but now that the isolation is in place and so many people are following the guidelines and staying indoors they don’t have as much crime to fight. So they’ve decided to use all this spare time to keep the spirits of our residents and local children up. 

We’ve been lucky enough to partner with the Power Rangers to bring positive messages to children throughout our region. They want to offer messages of support to children who are in isolation to put a smile on their faces – they’re also going to be making special trips to the gardens of our physical and learning disability homes to give our residents some amazing surprises.  

After launching earlier this week the superheroes have done an amazing job of sending positive messages to children in our region – with Spiderman being a particular favourite. In the coming weeks we’re going to be recruiting even more superheroes to join the cause – with some Disney Princesses joining soon! 

We are hoping our Little Visitors from Friend in Deed will be interested in taking part and receiving messages from the Power Rangers, as well as any children who could use a little pick me up. They’re currently filming a special dance performance for another little boy in our region who is going through the same treatment as Denver.  

We wanted to say a massive thank you to Wanda (Denver’s wonderful Mum)  who was more than happy for her son’s Power Rangers to come out of retirement for the benefit of local children and our residents.

We hope this puts smiles on everybody’s faces! 

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