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Residents of The Beeches became dancers for a day

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Thanks to the wonderful Norwich Theatre Royal and actors from The Red Shoes our brilliant residents became dancers for a day, regardless of age or mobility. 

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We were astounded by the wonderful teachers from New Adventures who took our residents ailments in their stride, tailoring each movement to their capabilities and giving them a truly rewarding experience. Residents took part in a day workshop spanning a couple of hours, splitting their time between expressive movement, costume exploration and roleplay. 

Norma said: “It was such a good time”. 

Joan responded to the whole day by smiling constantly on the way home and she laughed about attempting to flirt with the “Nice, good looking,  young man” who tangoed with her. 

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Keith said that although his injury to his shoulder stopped him doing certain movements, that “The tutors were so nice and tried to make it easier for everyone. One of them came over and we did something different because I couldn’t do a particular move”. 

We made a video about their experience and we’re very excited to share it with you: 

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