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Resident Stories: Norma at The Beeches gets to see her old photos for the first time in years

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We have a fantastic resident named Norma who was able to see her old photographs for the first time in years; thanks to staff at The Beeches.

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Norma used to travel in her youth, but since coming into the home she’s been unable to gallivant to other countries at the drop of the hat. She often talks about her time in South Africa and what an amazing trip it was for her.

Staff enquired as to whether she’d like to show off some photographs from her travels but because they were on slides and required a projector she had been unable to look back on her happy memories for a number of years.

Not perturbed, staff at The Beeches found a local man using the power of the internet who had the machinery we needed. He visited the home and set up the equipment, allowing us to borrow the machine to give Norma a unique and nostalgic experience.

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Norma’s family attended the home to be involved in this unique experience, and spent a lovely afternoon with residents and staff going through hundreds of photographs which featured Norma in her younger years.

Not only that; but this experience was a wonderful reminiscence activity for Norma. It allowed her to talk through things she’d seen and activities she’d taken part in while jogging her memory.

She really enjoyed the afternoon spent surrounded by people eager to hear about the unique and wonderful things she had seen. Despite being quite a modest woman, Norma really enjoyed being the centre of attention.

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