Ian dreamed of seeing the Dafabet Masters finals first-hand, so we granted his wish!

When asked what he’d most like to do Ian expressed that he would love to attend the Dafabet masters finals and see the champion crowned with his own eyes. At Black Swan Care group we support our resident’s interests and decided we would make this happen. 

Managing Director Tom Lyons  picked up Ian from Drummonds Care Home and began the journey to London to witness two local men facing off in the Dafabet Masters finals. 

They arrived at Alexandra Palace and took their ringside front row seats to watch the match. Surrounded by hundreds of people in the crowd, bright lights and large televisions broadcasting the details of the game, they watched with baited breath. 


Ian’s face lit up when the game started and he watched the match intently enjoying every moment. 

The match saw Stuart Bingham (Aged 43) and Ali Carter (Aged 40) face-off in their first finals appearances. Their was a sense of pride between the competitors with both of them being from Essex. 

Stuart Bingham rose to victory, winning the match to roars of applause from the cheering crowd. Ian got to be a part of the celebrations, having a front row seat situated next to the confetti canons. 

Ian and Tom had a fantastic day out together and Ian has been beaming with happiness ever since. We cant wait to see what they get up to next time, we’re sure their are many more adventures to come.