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Resident Centenarians are being offered the chance to share their life tips

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We were contacted by a representative from Dreams – an app which uses behavioural science to help people to effectively save money and achieve their financial/dream goals. 

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They’re doing a project based on Centenarians (individuals over 100 years old) from across the UK to gain an insight into their ability to set goals and achieve them throughout their long lives. They want to use the lessons of our elders to help the next generations make smart decisions, and perhaps learn from their mistakes too. 

They’re writing a questionnaire for us, which we will present to our centenarian residents via our monthly newsletter going out at the end of June. This will allow managers, staff and residents to check the questions, and choose to take part in the project if they want too. 

We think this could be a hugely positive project for our residents to take part in, as it will allow them to share life tips and advice. We should all take note of the experiences throughout their lives, and respect their struggles throughout their lives and take the time to listen to their stories. 

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