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Remote Support of our Care Homes Award

Remote Support of our Care Homes Award

The winner of this award will be a team or individual not based in one of our homes. They will be supporting our homes, enabling them to deliver an exceptional service to residents, their loved ones and the local community.

The nomination will show how the impact of their actions has positively affected homes. This award is open to staff in all roles who are not based in a specific home.

Nominations could include examples of:

  • how they interact with homes to provide an excellent service
  • how they build and maintain relationships with homes to improve the quality of care for residents
  • innovative approaches that enhance the smooth running of homes, demonstrating
    how their actions have enabled homes to concentrate on delivering high quality care to residents
  • seeks opportunities to improve their knowledge of social care and how it is delivered in our care homes
  • positive feedback from staff, residents, friends and relatives of residents

To nominate in this category, click here.