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Black Swan Care Group launch monthly pub quiz

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Black Swan Care Group launch virtual monthly pub quiz for residents. 

Our new Group Activities Coordinator Carol Paulsen-Yull and Head of Marketing Sam Bailey wanted to create a virtual pub quiz for our residents, which was fully accessible to all.

We wanted to ensure that our residents had the option of hearing the questions and reading the questions so residents with hearing and sight limitations, are able to take part and is accessible as possible. 

This first edition can be found on the Black Swan Care Group Youtube channel, and is centred on the theme of America to tie in with July's World Food Tour theme.  These will be uploaded on a monthly basis to the Youtube channel and will remain live to enable residents to take part as and when they choose to. 

Via our homes Smart TV's they will be able to view and take part as a group using the communal areas such as the lounge, but also gives our residents who prefer their own company the chance to partake in a group activity from the comfort of their bedrooms via the homes Ipads or residents individual smartphones. 

"We believe events like this are important to create a community atmosphere and strong bonds between our homes, across the wider group. We want our community to be inclusive and accessible for all, and adapting to modern technology to ensure the highest quality care for our residents" - Carol Paulsen-Yull 

You can click here to visit the full video. We would recommend pausing between each question to give enough time for discussions and answers.

Let us know how many points your homes got!