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PROFILE: Get to know Lisa Garner – The amazing manager of Drummonds

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We wanted to give everyone the chance to get to know our staff a little bit better – so we wanted to start by introducing our amazing manager of Drummonds – Lisa Garner. 

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Lisa began her career in care at the age of nineteen whilst studying her advanced health and social care course at college. Lisa says she chose to pursue a career in care as she feels strongly about making a positive impact on the lives of other people.

She said: “I have always been highly motivated to help improve other people’s lives and felt like this direction was the best course for myself”.  

Lisa became a senior support worker, and progressed to team leader. This is the role Lisa took on when she joined the Drummonds team, before training as deputy manager.  In August 2018 Lisa was promoted to registered manager.

We asked Lisa why she chose to make roots at Drummonds:
“When I joined Drummonds I felt complete and knew this was the place I wanted to be”. 

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In her twenty six year career in social care Lisa has worked in elderly care; mental health support, autism, dementia care – but discovered her true passion is supporting people with learning disabilities. 

Lisa believes the warm and uplifting atmosphere at Drummonds is thanks to the amazing personalities of our residents, and the teamwork of her staff. Lisa told us what a personal triumph managing Drummonds has been for her. 

She said: “We now have no agency use which was a very proud moment of mine, as now we have a tight and supportive working team”.  

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This year has been full of twists and turns which could never have been anticipated, and although our staff have been working in an unprecedented situation – Lisa is incredibly proud of her team for the amazing work they’ve been doing. Despite the added pressure the lockdown has posed for staff and residents alike, Lisa said her staff have been a massive support. 

She said: “Staff have all been so supportive throughout lockdown. Staff decided they didn’t want to bring in outside agency staff to protect each other and our residents. They all agreed to cover vacancies by splitting the hours between them”. 

This determination to protect our residents in the face of Covid19 has led to staff learning new skills, and having to adapt their roles to provide the highest levels of care with new training units, and policies adapting quickly with government advice. 

Lisa said: “Staff have gone above and beyond in caring for residents”.  

We think it is a true testament to Lisa’s character that when we asked a resident if Lisa had any faults, this was their response: “I can’t find any and I’ve tried too”.  

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We wanted to hear from Lisa’s colleagues about how the home has developed since Lisa became manager: 

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Steven Melton – Regional manager – Black Swan Care Group

“Lisa has an energy and knowledge, both of which are infectious. Her positivity overspills on to residents and staff creating the perfect atmosphere within such a special home. Drummonds are living their best life!

“All at Black Swan are incredibly proud of Lisa. She is positively challenged on a daily basis and somehow finds the time for all who need her. Her selfless approach sometimes goes unnoticed as it becomes accepted as Lisa being Lisa. Recently described by a relative as ‘an angel’ I can only say thank you to Lisa from me and all at Drummonds – we are grateful for all that you do”. 


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Samera Jones – Training coordinator and facilitator – Black Swan Care Group 

“Lisa is doing amazing with Drummonds in relation to training.

“As well as Lisa being a manager she has completed her train the trainer in Cerebral Palsy as this is something she is passionate about, and she wants to be able to teach the care staff about the condition some of the residents have, to be able to support them more in a person centred way.

“Lisa has also completed train the trainer for MCA/DOLS and as well as teaching her own home, she has supported other homes to complete the MCA/DOLS  training as part of our core units. The staff feedback for training with Lisa is always positive.

“Lisa supports her staff to achieve continued professional development. She is an amazing support network for myself and staff”.

When Lisa had not long taken over the home we requested the feedback of the staff to find out how they felt working with a new manager, and now seems an appropriate time to share this with the world. 

“She does so much behind the scenes and far more than her job role. Lisa is not a “sit behind a desk” manager. There is a lot of work that Lisa does that is not because she has too but because she wants too”.

“When she first started, she was my supervisor.  She is not only my manager and colleague she is a friend as well. She is very good at seeing the best in people. She recognises your strengths and qualities. She can help you grow. She is a very good listener and is very driven to improve the service. She has been my continued motivation to progress”.   

“She has always there to help in whatever shape or form. I have seen Lisa flourish and watched her spread her feeling around the home. I think that she is the best she has ever been. She has created a home that I feel at home within”.

We also heard from residents living at Drummonds who wanted to share their opinions on Lisa’s running of the home. We are very proud to say that the words that kept popping up were ‘family, mum, and friend’. 

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“She is “Mum”. She is our Manager, but she is “Mum” to all of us because she cares so much. She has supported me ever since mum passed away and I can’t think of anyone better. Her door is always open for anybody. If we have bad news, she will support us at any time. This can be day or night. If I need her, she will be with me”.


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