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Positive Outcomes in supporting homes at night Award

Positive Outcomes in supporting homes at night Award

The winner of this award will be an individual who supports our homes outside of daytime hours. They will be working with residents, consistently providing a significant contribution to improving their quality of care.

The nomination will show how the impact of their actions has positively affected the lives of residents, their loved ones and other staff.

This award is open to staff in all roles at a home.

Nominations could include examples of:

  • how their dedication, positivity and good humour shines through in providing an excellent service to residents
  • a strong understanding of person-centred care with respect for people’s right to privacy and dignity and how they help residents to be more independent
  • showing initiative, adaptability and responsiveness to the people they care for
  • innovative approaches to care that enhance the wellbeing and quality of life for residents, demonstrating how their actions have made a positive impact for residents
  • how they work well in teams, sharing ways to improve the quality of care for residents, including access to and involvement with the local community
  • how residents and their relatives/carers are involved in the development of their care
  • how they are looking for opportunities for personal development to progress their career with Black Swan (e.g. studying for and/or achieving H&SC qualifications at Level 3, 4, 5, NVQs etc.)

To nominate in this category, click here.