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Park House memorialises our amazing resident Olive Lord with touching tribute

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We were sorry to say goodbye to Olive Lord – our amazing 105-year-old resident who sadly passed away on January 28th 2021. 

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Olive joined the black swan family in 2012, and is one of our residents who has spent the longest time with us at Park House.

She was a truly amazing individual who touched the hearts of every staff member, fellow resident and visitor she met, and we will miss her wonderful smile in the home. 

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Olive had a truly unique character, and was always happy to get involved in activities and take part in events.  On her 104th Birthday (in 2019) we arranged a party with her favourite entertainers and as well as enjoying presents, and her birthday cake – she even played the drums! 

Olive didn’t have any children and never married, although she often maintained she had a good life, saying: “I had fun and many boyfriends in my day”.

Instead she dedicated her life to working as a nurse. Olive had jobs with patients young and old and even did a rotation in the local Tuberculosis hospital. Olive often told us the reason she was able to make it to a ‘ripe old age’:  “I never had a sit down job, I was on my feet working hard on the wards”.

Olive will never be forgotten by the staff who cared for her, or the residents who enjoyed her company and friendship for many years.  Our staff wanted to show how much she meant to them and took the time to write a little message about Olive and the impact she had on them, and the home. 

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Tributes from Park House: 

“Olive was a pleasure to care for, independent and mobile until 101 years old, after spending her career taking care of other people working as a Nurse all her adult life, with a zest for fun and once the life and soul of the party, Olive even played the Drums at her own 104th Birthday Party.
Olive will be missed hugely by all at Park House, especially her signing and massive cuddles and stories about the fun she had with various boyfriends in her younger days- Stories that would make your hair curl if I repeated them. Rest Easy you Legend.” – Sara Pearce, Registered Home Manager.

“Olive was a Beautiful lady, inside and out, Her signing would put a smile on anyone’s face, She was a truly inspirational woman, and I will miss such a lovely lady” – Emily Sampson, Care Assistant.

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“When discussing the VE day celebrations with Olive, I asked her what she did on VE night, in absolute disgust she said “I had to work a night shift in Hospital where I was a Nurse” Olive was not happy that she missed out because she did love a Party” – Denise Cann, Care Assistant

“Olive was the most amazing Woman ever- who gave up her life for others, most of all her own Mum who she put her life on hold for to care for when her Dad passed at a very young age, She always used to say “Don’t worry about me dear, I had lots of fun”.

“She also gave the best cuddles, Loved her Dog and used to say ‘I don’t like Olives even though I am an Olive’ and laugh” – Becky Wyer, Deputy Manager.

“Olive always said Thank You for the care that we gave her every time we did something for her, She also loved reminiscing about how she was in her younger days, laughing that she was naughty” – Emma Wright, Care Assistant

RIP Olive, you will always be part of the Black Swan Family. 

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