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Nightingale Lodge named 'Carers of the year' after receiving Mayor's Award

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Our wonderful staff team at Nightingale Lodge in Hunstanton, Norfolk have been named 'Carers of the Year' for their outstanding work throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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In the 2021 mayors awards the home was chosen as 'Carers of the year' for the work they've done throughout 2020 and successfully keeping their residents safe from Covid19 throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. 

"A great achievement" - Mayor Bishop

Carers of the Year is an incredible achievement and our team in Hunstanton are absolutely overjoyed to have received this accolade.

It is a true testament to the amazing work they have done throughout the pandemic to ensure our residents stayed in touch with their loved ones wherever possible, took part in unique and enriching activities, and built strong bonds between staff and residents. 

The mayor stated the award is "A great achievement" for the home. 

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We are so incredibly proud of our staff at Nightingale Lodge. They have always provided Outstanding care within the home, and are being led by a wonderful, passionate and driven leader in Sandra.

Sandra and her team consistently impress us with their determination to provide the highest quality care and are always striving to improve their service at every opportunity.

It is a testament to their amazing work that they have been named ‘Carers of the year’ and we couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of them for their amazing work throughout 2020-21, as always.