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New End-Of-Life training for Black Swan Staff

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At Black Swan Care Group we’re always looking to stay up to date and improve our training to create a better future in care – so we’re implementing a new training module.

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‘What’s best for Lily?’ is a brand new training module created by the wonderful UCLPartners End of Life Care Team to improve quality of life for those on end-of-life care as well as training staff in dealing with the trauma of caring for people at the end of their lives. 

This is something we’re very passionate about as everyone deserves to die with the respect and dignity they have in life, and this training module aims to do just that! 

It teaches staff how to recognise gradual and sudden signs of deterioration in residents, to enable care to be tailored to their individual experience with bespoke care plans to suit their needs. 

It also focuses on how to support the family and friends of our residents who are having to say goodbye to their loved ones. It teaches us how to advocate for our residents and ensure everything is the way they want it as they fall asleep. 

This is something we are already working towards with Laurel Lodge pioneering the ‘Comfort Box’ to enable the family of our end-of-life residents to spend uninterrupted time with their loved ones without interruptions from staff.

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It contains items that are specifically tailored to their needs, with drinks so that they don’t have to leave the bedroom, and a host of activities that both our residents and their families will enjoy together from the comfort of their bed. You can read more about our comfort box initiative by clicking here. 

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We’ve also designed a door hanger which will be placed on bedroom doors so that staff, residents and visitors are aware that someone is on end-of-life care. We have designed it using the ‘What’s Best For Lily?’ logo as this is the symbol of the new way we will be addressing end-of-life care within our homes. 

Here is an infographic explaining the course overview, and what the main aims will be: 

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Our new training coordinator Samera Jones will be delivering the training at our homes – with the first session taking place very soon before rolling out across all of our elderly homes. 

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