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Margie is joined by school children for her 100th birthday

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Margie celebrated her 100th birthday on Tuesday 7th May at Spring Lodge with Facetime calls, afternoon tea and a visit from pupils from Clacton Coastal Academy.


Margie was born on 7th May 1924 in Manchester. She and her sister and brother went to school in Manchester before the family moved to West Ham in London in 1937. She has lived in Ilford, Dagenham, Romford and finally settled in Clacton-on-sea.


After leaving school, Margie got an engineering job and has also worked in an office. She married her first husband William, who sadly passed away and then met her second husband Thomas who she was with for over 50 years. They had two children Stephen (now passed away) and Brian who continues to visit her most days.


Margie moved into Spring Lodge in August 2021, during the covid pandemic. She enjoys lots of visits from her friends and family and enjoys having her hair done as well as going out for coffee and cake and a bit of shopping, which the care team enjoy doing with her. She also enjoys doing some crafts with the other residents, but most of all, she loves a chat and a cup of coffee!


For her birthday, she enjoyed opening her cards and presents with her son Brian and staff at Spring Lodge, before speaking to her Grandson Billy in Australia via Facetime. Later, she enjoyed an afternoon team at the Kingscliff Hotel in Clacton with her family.


The celebrations continued the next day when pupils from Clacton Coastal Academy came to spend some time at the home and to hand over some specially made cards and a present. A spokesperson for the Academy said on their Facebook page that “The residents thoroughly enjoyed the pupil’s company and have invited them back for an afternoon tea. This experience is shaping our students into compassionate community members and they can’t wait for more visits.”


Debbie Savva, Manager at Spring Lodge thanked everyone for their kindness: “We’ve had so many lovely messages for Margie. Lots of cards arrived at the home and we even received a blanket from a local lady who saw our post about Margie’s upcoming birthday. We always make our residents’ birthdays special, so it’s been a really lovely week.”


More photos of Margie’s 100th birthday celebrations can be seen on the Clacton Coastal Academy and Spring Lodge Facebook pages.