At Kings Lynn our residents get together on a regular basis and reminisce about the good old days, with their most recent session focusing on confectionary’s. 

Residents at Kings Lynn Residential enjoying their sweet themed Love to Remember club session.

All of us have one or two sweets from our childhood that aren’t the easiest to come by any more, and we all treasure the memories associated with sweets from our childhood. Whether it be minstrels, bonbons, rhubard and custard or a dib dab, we all have fond memories to do with sweeties. 

Traditional sweet Barratt’s Shrimps

Some of our residents recall when sweets were a rare treat only for special occasions due to their high price point and some of our residents lived through rationing so getting sugar was hard to come by.

They remembered penny sweets and traditional English sweets like Barratt’s Shrimp, and chocolate mice which are scarcely seen nowadays. 

This is something our residents and staff explored at the most recent meet up of the Love to Remember club. They spent an afternoon in the dining

Kings Lynn residents at their Love to Remember club which is all about reminiscing and sharing stories.

room with some of their favourite sweets from yesteryear, reliving fun times and telling the staff and fellow residents all about their fondest sweet-related memories. 

The Love to Remember Club was set up to give our residents a chance to relive some experiences from their past, as well as helping them to retain those precious memories and increase memory recall. 

We’ve found that a sensory approach to memory and reminiscence allows our residents to not only enjoy the experience, but allows them to unlock memories associated with the sound, feel, smell or taste of an object.  By bringing aspects of their past into their present we are able to unlock and retain memories which may otherwise have remained lost.