At Kings Lynn Residential one of our residents – the lovely Phyllis – received a personalised memory book, put together by her family and the homes staff. 

One of the things we really focus on with our elderly residents is memory, we hold regular reminiscence activities and recall games to try and maintain those moments throughout our residents lives which they treasure. 

Recently our staff brought wedding dresses into the home, and with the help of photo albums and first songs reminisced with our residents about their special days, allowing them to relive that happy time and reinforce those memories by bringing them to the forefront.


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Our resident Phyllis is lucky enough to have a family who wanted to ensure she got a personalised reminiscence experience so with the assistance of our staff created a beautiful memory book.

It includes significant moments from throughout her life, with photographs to help with recall. This is also beneficial over time as staff can repeat looking through the book and having Phyllis explain moments from the pages to them, as a way of reinforcing her memories. 

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