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Drummonds residents create Halloween spooktacular animation!

Drummonds residents create Halloween spooktacular animation in sessions with entertainer Shaun!

Drummonds Care Home residents create spooktacular animation for Halloween 2021! 

Due to visiting restrictions throughout the Coronavirus pandemic we have had to adjust our services with many of our entertainers taking to virtual sessions and digital content to allow our residents to keep taking part in their favourite activities. 

One of our entertainers who went above and beyond was our wonderful creative teacher Shaun who provides animation and pottery classes to our residents. 

It is our pleasure to once again have him teaching workshops in person to our residents, and they are over the moon to have him back within the home. 

In our most recent sessions our residents have been getting into the spirit of the season, working together to create a one-off truly unique animation made entirely by them.

We were so impressed with the amazing work they've done and the superb stop-motion animation they managed to create to celebrate Halloween.  

We couldn't resist sharing with you so please enjoy this amazing creation by the residents of Drummonds Care Home.