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Dorothy celebrates her 100th birthday at The Lodge

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Much-loved mother and grandmother Dorothy McLachlan has celebrated her 100th birthday at The Lodge in Walton-on-the-Naze.

Dorothy was born in Crumlin, a small mining village in South Wales. Her father worked in the local mine and her mother was a housewife, looking after the large family of 6 older brothers and Dorothy as the youngest, and only, girl.

During the Second World War, Dorothy worked in the local munitions factory and met her Scottish husband Allan after he was housed at the family home following an injury he sustained at Dunkirk.

They were married in Wales in 1942 and had their daughter Ann who was born in 1944. After the war, they moved to Tottenham, London, where Allan worked as a carpenter. Their second child David was born soon after they moved to London. While in London, Dorothy developed a love for dogs, which she continues to have to this day.

As the children grew up, Dorothy worked at Geary’s, a local bakery. The family moved several times around London, eventually settling in Enfield. As a family, they enjoyed holidays in Scotland visiting Allan’s family. Eventually, when Allan retired, they moved to Frinton-on-sea where Dorothy joined the local WI and worked in the Oxfam Charity shop, that previously was located on Connaught Road.

Sadly, Allan passed away in 2006 after 64 years of marriage, but Dorothy’s remains close to her children. Ann lives close by in Frinton-on-sea while her son David and his wife Chris live in the Loire Valley in France. She has two granddaughters, Debbie and Libby.

Dorothy moved to The Lodge in August 2021 where she enjoys listening and singing to music from the different entertainers who visit the home regularly. She also enjoys the activities provided by the team at the home including arts and crafts, flower arranging, beauty treatments – she especially having her nails painted, reflexology and armchair exercises.

Aleksandra, the manager at the home says, “Dorothy is a very sociable lady, she likes chatting and loves dogs. I always make sure my dog always says ‘hello’ to her in the morning. Her daughter visits regularly with her dog and she speaks to her son in France every week. Her 100th birthday party was a wonderful occasion at the The Lodge, shared with her family, friends and other residents.”

Dorothy enjoyed her birthday with two other residents, Robin and Gladys, who by coincidence share the same birthday and were 91 and 93 respectively on the same day. They enjoyed a singer, a special buffet and lots of presents. Dorothy’s son Chris and his wife visited from France, as well as her daughter and two friends.