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Black Swan Care Group to offer additional support to staff after increase in Domestic Violence reports

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Black Swan Care Group to offer additional support to staff after increase in Domestic Violence reports


As reports of domestic abuse soar throughout the country, we wanted to ensure our team know the support available if they are experiencing domestic abuse. 

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic Official Government Statistics have shown an alarming rise in the number of Domestic Abuse reports across the country – partly due to the lockdowns and isolation periods putting domestic abuse survivors in a position where they were unable to escape their abusers. 

Between March 2020 and March 2021 Government statistics showed a 6% increase in Domestic Abuse calls in England and Wales, bringing the total to over 800,000+ calls in that 12 month period.   - Official Government Statistics.

This is something we are sad to say has been reflected within our own staff group in recent months. We are currently supporting more staff members going through domestic abuse than ever before, to get through these experiences and help them to be free from their abusers.

Because of this we have decided to publicly address this issue so that every single member of our 700+ staff team feel empowered and supported by us, as an employer, to come forward. 

We understand the devastating impact of domestic abuse on survivors whether financial, psychological, physical or sexual – and we would not want a single member of our team to feel they have to suffer in silence.

We want to make a pledge to our staff team that if you are experiencing domestic abuse, we will be there to listen, support and assist you in any way we can. Whether you are in need of financial support, emotional support or access to specialised local services – we are here for you.

As a provider we believe it is our duty to create an environment that is not only a home for our residents, but also a safe environment which our staff look forward to coming too each shift. However, we  do not believe in your workplace being an escape from home, and we are dedicated to ensuring none of our staff have to feel dread when they walk through their front door.

As well as your Home Manager who is always on hand to offer support and guidance, and your Regional Manager,  Operations Director Susan Webster and Managing Director Tom Lyons would like to offer a direct line of communication to them. 

They feel it is their duty as part of our Board of Directors, to show that we are all one team and we are all here to help each other:

“It’s important to us as a provider that we know our staff are healthy, happy and safe – whether that’s within their workplace or at home.’

“We never want something bad to happen to any of our staff members, so when we became aware that this issue was effecting our team, we felt it was important to address this so all staff know they are not alone.’

“We are on hand to listen and hear you. You will be treated with the dignity you deserve, and will never be judged.’

“Any support offered will be fully confidential”. – Managing Director, Tom Lyons.

We also know that not everyone is ready to come forward – or may not feel comfortable coming forward to someone they know – including us. Due to this, we’ve put together a list of available resources in areas local to each of our services which will be on display in all home offices, to ensure the highest visibility amongst our team.

We have included a list of local support available, should anyone wish to reach out for help, but does not want to speak to a colleague.

Nationwide Support

National Domestic Abuse Hotline – available 24/7 on: 0808 2000 247

Norfolk Domestic Support Resources

Norfolk Integrated Domestic Abuse Service (NIDAS Norfolk):

 This organisation launched in 2022 and is run by the Police and Crime Commissioners office and aims to support people living through domestic abuse to achieve freedom in their lives.

Offering a confidential support line, available weekdays between 9am-6.30pm Mon-Fri, and weekends 9am-3pm.

You can contact them via phone on: 0300 561 0555

Visit their website and find out about all the services they offer by clicking here.

Leeway Domestic Abuse Services:

Leeway Services offer support to people experiencing or fleeing from domestic abuse in the Norfolk and Suffolk areas.

They offer residential placements in 8 safe houses throughout the county for both adults and children, and offer long-term placements to support people on their journey.

Leeway offer a free live-chat service through their website, which you can visit by clicking here

They also offer a round-the-clock confidential helpline which you can call day or night on: 0300 561 0077

Suffolk Domestic Support Resources

Lighthouse Women’s Aid

This charity provides emotional, financial and psychological support to women and children throughout Suffolk who have been, or are currently experiencing domestic abuse.

Offering a one-stop-shop for all available support they operate the Women’s Centre in central Ipswich for women, young people and children to access the support they need to free themselves from abuse.

You can see all of the different services available by clicking here to visit their website. 

You can contact them on: 01473 228 270

Liberty Project

The Liberty Project is run by Orwell Housing and provides free and confidential support to women and children experiencing domestic abuse, or who are attempting to rebuild their lives following domestic abuse. 

They also offer residential help through their women’s refuge.

Liberty Project offer support to people experiencing domestic abuse in the following areas:
Beccles, Belton, Bradwell, Bungay, Caister, Filby, Fleggburgh, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Halesworth, Hemsby, Hopton, Kessingland, Lowestoft, Martham, Ormesby, Scratby, Southwold, Winterton, and surrounding areas.

Cambridgeshire Domestic Support Resources

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Partnership

This partnership is a coalition of relevant local services which have come together to provide a hub of information for people experiencing domestic abuse in all of its forms, as well as being able to provide specialist support in the local area.

They offer residential housing in the form of refuges, safe accommodation, as well as a mobile outreach service.  You can visit their website to discover all of the different domestic abuse support services in your local area by clicking here.

Cambridgeshire Victim and Witness Hub

The Victim and Witness hub is a physical hub allowing victims of domestic abuse to access support and wellbeing services, as well as being signposted to the most appropriate services for their specific circumstances. 

The Hub is available via their confidential hotline between 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, and 9am-5pm on Saturdays. 

The service is in partnership with the Police and Crime Commissioner and allows people to gain support from specially trained Victim Care Coordinators, who will create a tailored action plan for your needs.

Find out about all of the support the Victim and Witness Hub offers by calling them on: 0800 781 6818

Lincolnshire Domestic Support Resources

EDAN Lincolnshire

This countywide Domestic Abuse Support Service offers advice and support to men, women and children experiencing or fleeing domestic abuse.

They can provide accommodation to people fleeing domestic abuse in one of their 8 refuge’s throughout the county. They believe refuge’s provide a safe environment for people fleeing domestic abuse to make the best decisions for their future.

As part of their outreach services they are able to offer additional support through 1:1 sessions, either in person at the individuals home if appropriate – but alternatively in a public, safe space, or virtually depending on your needs. 

You can contact EDAN for outreach services between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, or for refuge enquiries opening hours are extended to 8.30am-8.30pm Mon-Fri.  Call them on 01522 510041

Alternatively visit their website directly and find out about all their available services, by clicking here. 

Essex Domestic Support Resources

Essex Compass

COMPASS is a single point of access funded by Essex County Council in partnership with the Office of Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to support victims of domestic abuse across Southend, Essex and Thurrock.

Compass is being delivered by a consortium of established domestic abuse support agencies which includes; Safe Steps, Changing Pathways and The Next Chapter.

The partnership gives a digital hub to allow people experiencing domestic abuse to be able to access all help in their local area, and be able to effectively access and use these services. 

You can find out about all of the support in your local area by visiting their website by clicking here