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Black Swan staff member chosen to feature in Poems in a Pandemic Live Launch

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Our staff have been taking part in Poems in a Pandemic – an initiative by Care Talk Magazine to represent care staff’s feelings of working throughout the pandemic – one of our staff’s poems has been chosen for the press launch. 

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Our very talented training coordinator Samera Jones submitted multiple poems in different categories of the campaign.

The purpose of the initiative is not only to represent what working in care throughout the lockdown has meant to care sector staff, but to create a catalogue of their poetry and art with all proceeds going to mental health support for the care sector in the wake of the lockdown. 

Samera has been chosen to recite her poem at the live launch event on July 7th – which is a huge honour. We’re all incredibly proud of Samera for this wonderful opportunity to speak words which are dear to her heart.  When she received the news she was overjoyed, and said: 

” When I found out I had been picked to do a reading I was shocked that I had been chosen as I knew there would be a lot of care workers entering but I was extremely honoured to have been chosen as poetry and writing has been something I have always done, but never really had the confidence to share with others.

“Since the pandemic I have seen so many care workers complete tasks and activities that take so much courage such as singing; dancing, art, reading out loud and so many other lovely things that the care workers have inspired me to have that confidence to share with them what I enjoy and show them how I see the work that they doing.

“My background has always involved working in care settings and working with amazing care staff and that is why I feel so passionately about training and supporting staff.

“It is hard for someone to trust someone else to look after their loved ones but care workers will always go far and beyond the call of duty to make residents feel safe, secure, valued and part of an extended family.

“I am so proud of the care workers at Black Swan and there isn’t one person who hasn’t been affected in one way or another through COVID 19 but seeing the staff pull together gives me strength and seeing how they look after the residents – their are no words for that.

“It is hard to be away from family and friends and we all know that but being at work as a care worker they are with friends and extended family – that is what care is and what it should be about”. 

Here is the poem Samera will be reading on July 7th: 

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Thank you to anyone who watched the live stream on July 7th – if you weren’t able to catch it the first time however, we’re very pleased to be able to offer you the ability to watch it again. The amazing organisers of the event have kindly created a Youtube video so you can enjoy the poem recitals and speeches from industry leaders, and celebrity supporters. 


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