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Black Swan Care Group taking part in ‘Poems in a Pandemic’ campaign

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CareTalk Magazine have begun a campaign encouraging care sector staff to have their say on the Covid19 pandemic through poetry and art – to raise money for mental health support for care sector staff and volunteers working in the face of the pandemic. 

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Poets from all facets of the care sector are being asked to write poems about the Covid19 pandemic or to design illustrations. These creations will then be printed and bound into a poetry anthology with the proceeds from the sales going into a carers support fund. 

We think this is a brilliant initiative, not only for the potential benefits to care sector staff who will have access to mental health support and useful resources specifically tailored to them – but because communicating their thoughts and having their say is empowering to us all. We think this campaign is a wonderful initiative, bringing together care sector staff across the industry and making a statement about the role of the care sector in the face of an invisible foe.

We believe that every care role from domestics; carers, volunteers, chefs, and all the many roles being carried out by care sector staff is a testament to their determination, strength and genuine concern for the people they care for. In our minds they are superheroes and we hope this is one of the ways the care sector can be recognised for the work we are all doing. 

We are working tirelessly on behalf of our residents and their families, and whilst their safety and mental and physical health is a top priority – we want to support our staff in any way possible. We are so proud of our staff and have encouraged them to be involved in this initiative, to memorialise a period in time which people will look back on and learn about in the future. 

There are ten categories which poems can be submitted in, detailed below: 

1. Hope
2. Recovery
3. Isolation
4. Humour
5. Reflection
6. Loss
7. Bereavement
8. Observation
9. Uplifting
10. Bravery

Thank you to any of our staff who have taken part already, and please do have your say in this wonderful initiative if you have not done so already. You can read their poems below the article. This article will be updated as we receive more submissions. 

For the full information on CareTalk Magazine’s initiative please click here and read their call for poets and artists. They believe these stories need to be told – and their contributions to the community recognised, in what is an unprecedented situation which no industry has had to face before in modern history. 

Black Swan Care Group Entries: 

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