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Black Swan Care Group recognise Covid19 Heroes!

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We asked our staff to nominate the colleague’s from their homes who had gone above and beyond in the last year – and recognise their outstanding contributions to the homes in the face of Coronavirus. 

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We thought it was important to show our staff how much they mean to us as a company, and how much they mean to one another. The best way we could think to do that, was to ask our staff team to nominate each other so they could see the positive impact they have on one another. 

We were overwhelmed with an amazing amount of nominations from across the group, which were put into one document to be read by our board of directors including company founders Clive Hill, Brett Burton and Steve Winfield.

Based on the content of the nominations they then chose a selection of staff members to receive a bonus in this months wages, a letter from Managing Director Tom Lyons, a bottle of bubbly and a certificate naming them as an official Black Swan Covid19 Hero. 

We had two stand-out nominations from across the group, who have received a special surprise. These went to Samantha Chuck who is part of the Spring Lodge team, and Sally Haynes who works at Kings Lynn Residential Home.  

We spoke to them both about what the nominations meant to them, and some of the challenges they faced in the last twelve months. 

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Samantha Chuck 

Samantha Chuck said: “It felt lovely to be nominated, and really heartwarming to know that the people you work with appreciate what you do”.  Samantha was nominated by no less than four of her coworkers in separate submissions, with staff citing how dedicated, passionate, and understanding she is – and how working with her is a pleasure. 


Samantha says she believes all staff is Covid19 heroes, as nobody could play their role within the home without the team. She said: “We couldn’t have done the work we needed to do without each other. Going through the last year together has made us closer as a home”. 

Samantha said she was grateful to her colleagues for the nomination and thinks running campaigns like this within the care sector are really important. She said: “We are a community and a team, and we all need each other. It doesn’t work with even one role missing.

“So many people believe that care work is about making cups of tea and providing personal care to residents when working in care is so much more than that.

“It’s important for people to see the impact care actually has”. 

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Sally Haynes 

Sally Haynes told us: “It was lovely to think that my colleagues noticed and recognized my work. It was a wonderful surprise and if I’m honest I’m still in shock”.

Sally was described by her colleagues as ‘dedicated’ and ‘genuine’ which meant the world to her.  She was humbled to hear she had received multiple nominations from her team. 

Sally said: “The role of the carer is very difficult and I have always been very passionate about making sure people know about the amazing work carers do – so I think campaigns like this are very important to showcase what staff do day in and day out”.  

We had many winners from across the group and although we cant interview each and every one of them we did want to give them all a special mention: 

. Tracey Smith . Sue Woodward . Tamzin Dougal . Dawn Power . Sally Fenlon .

. Regina Mabini . Jackie Lancaster . Justin Rudd . Rebecca Wyer . Jane Skilleter .

. Aaron Hawley . Lorna Jones . Heath Brown . Mariana Condruz . Gill Grant . Raina Skeet .

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