Remembrance Day is an occasion we always mark in our homes by taking part in the two minute silence, but this year a number of our homes marked the day in other unique ways which we wanted to share with you. 

Art residents at Valentine House made for their remembrance day display.

Our residents really wanted to do something special and unique to pay respect to our fallen heroes, and with a number of our elderly residents having fought through or lived through the wars, we know it is a day close to their hearts. 

Even in the case of our younger residents, they still wanted to take part in the two minute silence, and pay their respects in a way that speaks to them. 


Here’s how our homes marked Remembrance Day 2020: 


York House 

At York House residents created a poppy bouquet using recycled plastic bottles to mark remembrance day.

At York House our residents wanted to do something unique to mark the day which involved all of our residents coming together to create a special bouquet. Using recycled drinks bottles, paint and other recycled materials our residents created a huge bouquet of poppies which are on display in the home. 

They look amazing! Well done to all our residents at York House. 

Westfield House 

Residents at Westfield House paying respect for our fallen on Remembrance Day 2020

At Westfield House our residents created some amazing poppy themed art which they put on display in the home as well as holding them proudly whilst they observed the two minute silence on the 11th November 2020. Afterwards residents and staff enjoyed an amazing poppy cake made in the home. 

The Gables

Residents at The Gables paying respect for our fallen on Remembrance Day 2020

At The Gables our residents began gearing up for Remembrance Day early by creating patchwork poppies to decorate the homes windows. They spent an afternoon creating the display, before turning the home into a proper service to our fallen heroes, complete with a uniform proudly displaying war medals in the middle of the lounge and a waterfall of poppies cascading down the front door. 

Laurel Lodge 

Laurel Lodge residents were encouraged to reminisce about their pasts and experiences of the war years with manager Danielle Bullent who brought in her grandfather’s war medals.

At Laurel Lodge our manager Danielle Bullent decided to encourage our residents to speak up and share stories about their experiences of living through the war years, the people they knew at the time, and their memories of the war ending. Danielle even brought in war memorabilia that belonged to her Grandad who fought in the second world war. This was a very personal way for our residents to spend the day, as well as taking part in the two minute silence at 11am. 

Chiswick House 

Residents at Chiswick House paying respect for our fallen on Remembrance Day 2020

At Chiswick House our activities coordinator Kate spent time building a custom display for our residents to hold their remembrance day service. This day is particularly poignant to our resident Eddie who fought in World War Two and was taken as a Prisoner of War, working on the Thai Burma Railway. He gave a speech at the homes service to pay his respect to his fallen comrades.  

Activities coordinator Kate said: 

“Marking an occasion that means something to them brings back memories. It is a meaningful occasion for them”.