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Black Swan Care Group Homes celebrate Nutrition and Hydration Week 2021

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Black Swan Care Group homes marked Nutrition and Hydration Week with a range of fun activities, hydration stations, cocktail/mocktail of the day and created custom displays to teach our residents about their own nutrition and hydration.

We were disappointed that this event couldn't happen in March as planned, but we are over the moon to be able to celebrate this wonderful occasion in June instead. 

Nutrition and Hydration week is an annual event with the purpose of promoting and celebrating improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration.

It's all about opening people's eyes to the idea that they are what they eat and drink, and a healthy diet of food and drinks can have a positive benefit on your body, mind and mood. 

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Our homes really went above and beyond this year and we wanted to share a few examples of excellence across the group with you all.

Westfield House

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At Westfield House in Dereham, Norfolk our residents and staff created this display featuring photographs of their nutrition-related activities from across the week.

It is displayed next to the homes hydration station which features a multitude of different drinks for our residents to choose from throughout the week.

The residents were treated to a nutritious hydrating snack pack each throughout the week, featuring fruit known for it's hydrating abilities such as watermelon and oranges. 

We feel it's important to show the importance of eating and drinking healthy within our homes, which is why we offer a balanced range of snacks and drinks within our homes.

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The Beeches 

At The Beeches our staff created an amazing hydration station with posters, and information sheets explaining the importance of staying hydrated and eating healthy, especially in hot weather.

It outlines which food and drinks are most beneficial for staying hydrated as we feel it is important for our residents to play an active role within their self-care and feel empowered to make the best decisions for them. 

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Staff also ran a cocktail and mocktail of the day which our residents enjoyed learning to make across the week, with one of their favourite's being Friday's Sex on the Beach. 

Residents learnt to infuse their own water and had a selection of waters, and various other new drinks to explore throughout the week to try new flavours which they may never have experienced before.  

The Gables 

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At The Gables in Chatteris our residents made the most of the glorious weather by hosting their own garden party.

To tie in with NHWeek2021 our residents and staff made their own super hydrating Summer Punch using fresh fruit, which our residents really enjoyed sipping in the sun. 

Staff created a hydration station for our residents to access drinks as and when they wanted, and reinforced the importance of eating and drinking healthy by providing a fruit platter which visited each resident throughout the week. 

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Potton View 

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At Potton View Care Home in Gamlingay our residents learnt about the nutritional benefits of food and drink across the week, with special events in the garden featuring summery drinks to ensure they stayed hydrated in the recent warm weather. 

To ensure our resident group stay hydrated in the hot weather the home opted to make their hydration station as accessible as possible, and turned their tea trolley into a portable hydration station. 

This meant that whilst out working hard our gardening group were able to have a variety of cold drinks on hand at a moments notice, making sure they never got dehydrated in the sun.

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The Lodge 

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At the Lodge in Walton On The Naze our residents were treated to an amazing selection of nutrition and hydration related activities across the week. 

Their hydration station display allowed residents to access a range of healthy and hydrating drinks throughout the week, whilst emphasising the importance of eating and drinking healthily.

Residents were given a selection of different drinks ideal for keeping you hydrated in the warm weather we've been experiencing, as well as a fruit selection to choose from.  

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York House 

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At York House our amazing team turned their tea trolley into a portable Hydration Station for the week featuring drinks and snacks which will help our residents to stay hydrated.  

It included all of our residents favourite drinks from tomato juice to ginger beer, and allowed them to try new drinks they hadn't experienced before. Our residents were able to try new things and pick their preferred drinks from the selection, finding new things they enjoy. 

You can see even more of our Hydration Stations by visiting our group Twitter account, and stay up to date on all the amazing goings on within our homes.