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Black Swan art project to show the distance our carers have covered in lockdown

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We are so incredibly proud of the work our staff have done throughout lockdown, and we wanted a visual representation of the amazing work they’ve done so we’ve launched a unique art project.  

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We have launched ‘High 5 for Black Swan’ which aims to create a chain of interlocking hands from each of our staff, which they will design and decorate themselves.  We will connect every pair of hands together to create a long chain, to see how far the chain will be. 

We think this project will not only be a brilliant way of showing our staff how grateful we are for their amazing teamwork throughout this unprecedented situation, but will also be a beautiful colourful representation of the Black Swan Care Group community. 

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 For all of our staff, please follow these steps to take part! 

  1. Please draw around both of your hands on an A4 piece of paper, with the thumbs meeting in the centre. 
  2. Cut around the outside of your hands, leaving them connected by the thumbs. 
  3. Decorate your hands with whatever you believe represents your job and the role you play. 
  4. Send all your submissions to samantha@blackswan.co.uk 

Samera Jones (training coordinator) and Samantha Bailey (Head of marketing and social media) will be connecting each set of handprints together, to create the chain. 

Once they’re connected we will be announcing the date and the location we will be displaying them. We want to show the community spirit, love and compassion which comes from all of our amazing staff members. Each home will be receiving a number of the handprints after the project for display in the home, to show that no matter which of our homes you work in – we are all connected. 

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