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A special Valentine’s Day for two couples at The Haven

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Two couples at The Haven in Boston celebrated Valentine’s Day together with a special lunch.  


Keith and Barbara Orrey, who have lived at the home since September 2023 enjoyed a special Valentine’s Day lunch. Barbara and Keith had been visited by the Manager at their home to carry out the initial assessment. Keith had been worried that his beloved Barbara would be all on her own, and Keith was overjoyed to learn that he too could move in with his wife so that they were not separated. Keith had been Barbara’s sole carer and needed some extra support, he knew as soon as he visited the care home a couple of weeks before, that it would be perfect for them. 


It was the same story for Ivan and Margaret Kisby who have been married for 72 years and are totally inseparable. Margaret & Ivan’s family supported their move into the home after seeing how the home promoted themselves on their Facebook, and also for how well the care home had looked after another family member until they sadly passed away shortly before they moved in. 


Manager Evangeline Girling explained their story: “We’re so pleased how we’ve been able to make Valentine’s Day special for all our residents, but it’s been extra special for our two couples. It can be so difficult when a husband or a wife needs the extra care and support in a care home and they become separated, often after many years of marriage. Both Mr and Mrs Orrey and Mr & Mrs Kirby have moved into the home together as couples and they can continue to live together, with the love and support of their new family and friends at The Haven.”