In February 2021 Spring Lodge in Clacton on Sea had their Food Safety Inspection, gaining a rating of 5. 

The inspection was carried out virtually by a Health Enforcement Officer from Tendring District Council, inspecting the homes kitchen, food storage and food preparation areas. 

The inspection is judged on three areas, to determine the overall food and safety standards within the home.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our food, and it was a wonderful moment to see the team rewarded for their continued dedication to providing the cleanest and safest environment for our residents. 

The first area is Food Hygiene and Safety and focusses on hand hygiene, separating food appropriately, cooking safety, and reheating and defrosting practices.  Within the report our inspector said: “Practices generally satisfactory as far as discussed and observed”.

Section two focuses on the homes structure; looking at the maintenance and upkeep of cooking and kitchen equipment, ventilation, waste disposal and cleanliness levels.  The inspection report states that: “Structure and equipment generally in good condition. General level of cleanliness very good”. 

The third and final category for inspection is Confidence in Management, which puts a focus on the management and day to day running of the home, compliance with laws and guidelines, and how policies and procedures are set out to help the home succeed.  The report stated that: “Records and documents in good order and up to date.

We are so incredibly proud of our team at Spring Lodge who have continued to run the home with dedication, care and compassion throughout an unprecedented situation in the face of Covid19. 

It is a testament to their hard work that they have continued to provide the highest standards of cleanliness and care throughout the last twelve months and we wanted to say congratulations to the whole team for their amazing work!