Eddie Hunn served in World War Two and experienced life as a Prisoner of War, to honour his contribution he received a special gift from The Not Forgotten Foundation. 

Gifts from The Not Forgotten Foundation, delivered to 100 year old resident Eddie Hunn for his service in WW2.

Eddie’s face was a real picture when he began opening the presents sent by The Forgotten Foundation.

The Not Forgotten Foundation was set up in 1919 by soprano Marta Cunningham, with the hopes of providing cheer and entertainment to servicemen injured in World War One.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength, providing entertainment to over one million servicemen since then.  

Their currently on a mission to find and thank as many surviving World War Two veterans as possible. 

They felt it was important as Covid led to so many missing out on marking VE Day and remembrance day in their usual way. 

When the box arrived at Chiswick House it was a pleasant surprise, and as Eddie looked through the box he became quite emotional at the items inside.

Eddie Hunn celebrating VE Day at Chiswick House in Norwich.

The Not Forgotten project had gifted him with some mementos from a bygone era, including a reprint of a traditional wartime cook book featuring recipes Eddie hadn’t seen for years.

He paused for a long time on the rice pudding recipe which he remembered from his childhood. “It’s so overwhelming to be given this. Thank you”. 

The box also included a signed card from Princess Anne (Patron of The Forgotten Foundation); a mug fit for heroes, coasters, a flag and a coin to memorialise the contribution Eddie had made to his country.  

Thank you for this wonderful surprise, it meant so much to Eddie. 

If you have someone in your life who fought in World War Two you can apply to have a giftbox sent to them too, by clicking here.  

Card sent to Chiswick House resident Eddie Hunn by Princess Anne as part of The Forgotten Foundation giftbox.