York House have launched the ‘Personal Goals’ project which encourages our residents to set their own challenges, which staff then support them to achieve.  

Resident Bob at York House celebrating achieving his personal goal with a strawberry sundae!

We have seen our residents come on in leaps and bounds since the start of the project. Before Christmas our wonderful resident Bob told us he wanted to increase his mobility and be able to walk further.  Fellow resident Ted also wanted to improve his mobility, as his dream was to be able to walk around the garden again.

Ted has been walking a little further each day to achieve his goal of walking around the garden again.

Staff and Bob worked together to increase his walking distance each day. He is now able to walk further and is very proud of his progress. Ted is also making great progress, after doing his first session with staff on Christmas eve! 

Our residents progress is marked on their personal project sheet so they can see how much progress they are making throughout the project. 

We are proud of our staff for creating this lovely initiative which encourages our residents independence, confidence and shows them they can achieve anything. 

More of our residents wishes are being granted as we speak and it’s lovely to see our residents energised to achieve their goals.

Well done to you all!