Last year we launched a world food tour allowing our residents to visit a different country a month and learn about their culture and cuisine by bringing the tastes of that country to the home.  

Residents of The Beeches enjoying traditional Lithuanian food.

They began with a taste of Italy, transforming the dining room into an Italian restaurant and trying classic dishes like bruschetta, and homemade pasta.

They’ve since been travelling the world to various countries like Mexico, Spain and America. They’ve even explored British classics in their taste testers club, and afternoon teas.

Our most recent experience was a unique one, and our residents absolutely loved it. Our manager Loreta Moss, who recently returned to The Beeches as registered manager after successfully opening Southwell Court in Cambridgeshire, decided to let the residents get to know her a little better. 

The Lithuanian Lunch menu at The Beeches World Food Tour.

Our residents wanted to experience the dishes Loreta grew up with and after they expressed such an interest, she knew this had to be our next world food tour destination.

Loreta took to the kitchen to create a range of Lithuanian dishes which she enjoyed throughout her childhood. Loreta grew up in Lithuania and trained as a midwife before joining us at The Beeches in 2015.  

Manager Loreta Moss creating authentic Lithuanian dishes for The Beeches World Food Tour.

It was really lovely for our residents to experience a little taste of Lithuania, and the authentic dishes really made them smile.

We think food is so important, and quality food and enjoying food is so beneficial to your mental and physical health. We think this is a really fun and positive way of encouraging an interest in food and nutrition which is always sure to put a smile on our residents faces.  

Part of our World Food Tour though goes beyond just experiencing the food of the country we are exploring that month, we also want to give our residents an understanding of the culture.  

To experience a little bit of Lithuania our residents coloured in the traditional national dress of the country as an activity a couple of days before. We also made a custom display for our residents to enjoy, explaining different aspects of Lithuanian culture and geography, in 101 different facts!

Display of 101 Facts about Lithuania for residents to enjoy.

A massive well done to Loreta and her team for always going above and beyond for our residents, and giving them truly unique and memorable experiences like this one.