The residents of Norwich care home Chiswick House recruited their own Concierge this week.

At their most recent meeting, the residents of Chiswick House were invited by home manager Steven Melton to discuss ways in which the service they receive could be improved.

As always the residents voiced some excellent ideas but one suggestion in particular, although only playful at first, stood out as something the home felt they could and would provide.

Working with the residents, senior staff at Chiswick House drafted a job specification and began their search for a Concierge. “We were truly overwhelmed by the response” said Steven Melton (home manager), “in terms of both quantity and quality we really were spoiled for choice. It was great to work alongside our residents in selecting candidates that they themselves felt would have a positive impact upon their home”.

Residents Anabel Kar 86, Irene Cutting 93 and Peter Buckingham 74 conducted the interviews with their shortlisted candidates, one of whom, Trevor Walker, stood out as being the “perfect fit”. “This is such a step forward for us at Chiswick House, Trevor will assist in furthering the welfare and happiness of the residents here. We were very pleased to be involved in the decision process” said Peter Buckingham.

Tom Lyons Operations Manager here at Black Swan Care Group, said he was thrilled by the level of input from the residents at Chiswick House; “in a time where quality of care is under a greater level of scrutiny than ever before, it makes me so proud that our Homes are working alongside the residents in order to improve the service we provide”.

Trevor Walker, 57 from Norwich said “I am delighted to have been appointed the Concierge here at Chiswick House and am thoroughly enjoying getting to know the residents here. Their stories of yesteryear fascinate me and it is great to be a part of something so innovative in terms of residential care”.