As we’re in lockdown and not accepting visitors, Park House in Great Yarmouth have come up with a way to beat the boredom – by hosting garden sessions for our residents.  

One of our residents favourite entertainers – Andrew John Hayes – combined his hour excercise with providing a service to our residents. They gathered in droves within the lounge to watch a live concert of all their favourite songs. 

By pitching himself on the patio on the other side of the glass windows, complete with amp, microphone and guitar – our residents were able to have their regular entertainment from the safety of their armchairs without any risk of infection. 

It’s a brilliant way of maintaining our relationships with entertainers, keeping our resident group entertained and it just goes to show that where there is a will their is a way. 

We’d like to thank Andrew for the wonderful job he’s doing and say we’re very much looking forward to his next performance on Friday 27th March.