Staff created a display board showing their smiling faces without masks, to ensure our residents didn’t forget the faces of the staff behind the masks. 

Care team display board at Park House in Great Yarmouth reveals staff’s smiles to residents who haven’t seen them without masks in a year.

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that care home staff are required to wear masks at all times within the homes, which has led to a number of our residents having trouble recognising the faces of staff members. 

For new residents entering the home this can be particularly difficult as they don’t have the memories of staffs faces to keep hold of. Not to be deterred though – our staff at Park House created a custom display board to reveal our faces and show off our smiles to our residents.  

By collecting photographs of every member of staff on the team from domestics, carers, management and the maintenance team our residents can now recognise our faces, even with our masks on.

“It’s been such a long time since Residents have seen our full faces and smiles, so we’ve put together a Care Team board to remind them what’s underneath our masks” – Sara Pearce, Park House registered manager.  

It is all about the community atmosphere and family bonds between staff and residents, and we think this is a lovely inclusive way of ensuring our newest residents don’t struggle to recognise staff members.  

We think this is a lovely initiative which promotes inclusion and promotes happiness within the home, and our residents have really enjoyed getting to know their faces once again.