As our homes are closed to visitors currently, our residents are unable to have their usual hair and nail beauty treatments – but Laurel Lodge are ensuring our residents don’t miss out. 

Manager Danielle Bullent held ‘Danielle’s Salon’ last week for the first time, to see if the residents enjoyed having their hair, makeup and nails done by her. By combining music and dance our residents at Laurel Lodge were able to have a fun-filled morning fully of laughs, whilst getting their usual makeovers.  

They loved it, and because they showed such enthusiasm Danielle has made the decision to make this a weekly initiative while our homes are shut to residents.

It’s a fantastic way of making the best out of a bad situation, and emphasizes the importance of  maintaining a routine for our residents as it increases their self-esteem and improves the overall mood within the home.

We fully support the ingenious ways our staff across the group are thinking of unique and original ways to entertain our residents.