Staff at Kings Lynn Residential wanted to ensure our residents didn’t miss out on the fun of this time of year, so they created a pumpkin patch in the garden to get our residents in the mood for Halloween. 

At Kings Lynn Residential our staff created a faux pumpkin patch for our residents to choose their favourite.

Residents choosing their pumpkins from the handmade pumpkin patch staff created in the garden.

Halloween is that wonderful time of year where children get to go trick or treating, we spend time carving pumpkins into lanterns, the leaves turn brown and the weather turns colder. 

It’s a time of year of tradition and a lot of people have fond memories of Halloween, which also means a lot of people are going to miss their usual activities this year.  

We didn’t want our residents to enjoy Halloween any less than they normally do, so our staff took it upon themselves to build a pumpkin patch in the garden and having our residents pick their favourite.

Residents carving their pumpkins with the assistance of staff.



By the afternoon each of our residents had picked the gourd which pulled on their heartstrings, and started carving, painting and decorating. 

They did an amazing job, and created some amazing lanterns to go on display throughout the home. They’re looking forward to even more Halloween crafts before the big night on the 31st October!

Take a look at what an amazing day they all had: 

Resident Don happy after picking his pumpkin from the homemade pumpkin patch.

Staff and residents had an amazing time carving their pumpkins and decorating them in unique ways.

Our pumpkin patch brought a lot of happiness to our residents who loved being able to pick their own for carving.

Staff and residents posing in a group photograph with their carved pumpkins.