It’s that time of year where the Drummonds residents make their own costumes for their Christmas play, but our residents were so interested in learning to use the sewing machine that staff have launched a new weekly club. 

Residents at Drummonds are receiving machining lessons from staff so they can make their own Christmas play costumes.

The Drummonds Sewing Club will run once a week and allow our residents to learn how to use the sewing machine, basic techniques, and eventually to make their own clothing. 

This activity is being run by our amazing staff member Lorraine who is giving the residents lessons. She told us what impact the lessons are having on residents: 

“We started making our Christmas play costumes and the residents loved watching me on the sewing machine, and one of the residents Pru wanted to give it a go. Our motto with activities at Drummonds is ‘everything is possible’ so we decided to try it out.

Residents controlling the foot pedal for the first time in the Drummonds Machining Mondays club.


“So I set the machine up and gave the foot pedal to Pru, and I guided the material through the machine. She loved it, so now we’re doing classes so that any of our residents can take part and learn a new skill”. 

Pru told us what she thinks of the new class, she said: “I love using the sewing machine with Lorraine as it brings me back to when I was at school.
I find it so exciting how it goes fast and sews whatever we want to sew. I will look forward to machine mondays now”. 

Fellow resident Angie is also taking part in the class, and she said: “Sewing is so much fun. It will be nice to start a project and see what it looks like at the end. It helps to keep my hands busy too!”.

We think this is an amazing activity to be doing in the home, and such a useful life skill for our residents. We know that you’ll all make beautiful creations and we cant wait to see what you all come up with. 

Well done to staff for facilitating this activity for our residents. 

Residents at Drummonds were proud after completing their first lesson for machine Mondays learning to sew.