Black Swan Care Group staff now have access to support line, with our new wellbeing support officer – Tiffany Hannant.

Poster displaying photograph and details of Black Swan’s new Careline company support.

Throughout lockdown, we’ve been asked to work harder than ever before as an industry, and in unprecedented circumstances – and it’s only natural that some of us are feeling the effects. 

We know this hasn’t been an easy year to be in the care sector and we’re so grateful to our amazing staff group who have worked tirelessly throughout the lockdown, to provide our residents the highest quality of care possible. 

Carers from Kings Lynn Residential proudly displaying their PPE.

We wanted to give you something back, so when you said you needed more support we listened. Tiffany will be on-call if any of you ever need to get something off your chest, have a vent, or need access to further support resources.  

We wanted to ensure our staff felt they were being heard and understood, and should any of our staff be struggling Tiffany will be able to signpost them to useful local services who will be able to offer more practical help. 

All homes will receive a poster with the full contact details displayed for all staff.