Paying for residential care in a care home can be expensive. There may be some help available to meet the cost, but the care system can be complicated and difficult to find your way through.

You may be eligible for financial help from your local council or, in some circumstances, from the NHS. 

State benefits may be available. There is some very useful information available on the Age UK website.

Actual fees charged at our Homes are subject to an individuals care needs assessment and the room chosen.

Private fees in our elderly care homes range from £750 to £1200 per week in a single en-suite bedroom.

The following items and services are included in and covered by your weekly fees:

  • The costs of your personal care
  • Accommodation
  • Electricity (eg heat and light)
  • Food and drink, including snacks
  • Housekeeping and laundry undertaken on the premises (excepting articles requiring dry cleaning)
  • Television licence, inclusive for personal use

The following extra items and services are not covered by the weekly fees, but we can arrange for them to be provided to you at a cost. You shall be responsible for payment for extra items and services and we shall advise you of their cost beforehand. Our latest price guide is available from the home manager.

  • Professional hairdressing
  • Aromatherapy massage and reflexology
  • Personal copies of newspapers or magazines
  • Personal purchases such as stationery, confectionery, alcoholic beverages, particular snacks, soaps and toiletries
  • Clothing, shoes and slippers
  • Dry cleaning
  • Installation of private telephone line, internet or cable TV connections

In the absence of free provision by the NHS, the following may also be provided, but shall be charged in addition to the weekly fees:

  • Chiropody
  • Opticians
  • Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Other privately arranged healthcare

In the event that NHS staff, your representatives or relatives are unable to provide you with an escort to hospital appointments, we reserve the right to apply a charge of £15 per hour for a member of staff to accompany.

Staffing levels

The staffing levels that we deploy within our homes are linked to the combined total of the needs of all those choosing to live within the home.

The volume of staffing within the building at any given time will fluctuate both in line with the needs of the individuals who we are supporting and the time of day/ night that is being considered.

We draw upon the skills and experience of a number of differing teams including, our qualified senior carers, care and engagement team, housekeeping team, maintenance and administration, all of whom are supported by our in house management team who in turn are supported by our central group functions.

Our teams are further supported by our 24 hour call bell system and associated assisted technology that is in place throughout the home.



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